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Japan pension fund urged to make ‘responsible’ investments(Japan Today)

Thursday 10th February, 04:11 AM JST TOKYO —OECD researchers recommended that Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund pay more attention to social and environmental factors when making investments, in their report in December. … Read entire article »

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HSBC revised their Energy Sector Policy.

According to HSBC’s revised Energy Sector policy, they have introduced strict guideline against Coal-Fired Power Plants(CFPPs) and Oil sands. They will increasingly support only new CFPPs which have lower carbon intensities. Also they will require more robust standards for developed countries. … Read entire article »

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‘Citizens Policy Research Committee’ in Japan launched PT on discussing new legal framework for non-profit financial institutions

‘Citizens Policy Research Committee in Japan (called Shimin Seicho)’  which is a Democratic friendly NGO has launched  Project Team on established on legal framework for non-profit financial organizations in Japan. They are seeking to establish US-type CDFI Fund system. … Read entire article »

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BankTrack announced Global map of Dodgy Deal, including 3 Japanese banks

BankTrack launches Dodgy Deal World Map;Three new tar sand deal profiles released today Nijmegen, February 15, 2011BankTrack today launches the Dodgy Deal map, a new tool to present the involvement of private sector banks in the worldwide financing of controversial deals and companies. … Read entire article »

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FoE Japan & MekongWatch have criticized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ review on Japanese ODA policy.

FoE Japan and MekongWatch have issued critical statements against the latest review report by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan on their ODA policy. MFA issued the report called ” ‘Toward strategic and effective ODA policy ~seeking transparency and strengthening PDCA cycle~” in January 17th  2011. … Read entire article »

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