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Gov’t to push for solar energy in quake reconstruction plan: Edano(Kyodo News)

TOKYO, March 29, Kyodo: Pursuit of solar power, bioenergy and other clean energy sources will be a key pillar of the government’s reconstruction strategy to be drawn up for areas hit by a massive quake and tsunami following the country’s worst nuclear accident, top government spokesman Yukio Edano said Tuesday. … Read entire article »

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NGO finds high levels beyond no-go zone (The Japan Times)

By JUN HONGO Staff writer for the Japan Times :March 30 Radiology experts from Greenpeace urged the government Wednesday to expand the evacuation zone around the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant after they found high levels of radiation outside the 20-km mandatory no-go zone. … Read entire article »

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TEPCO to scrap 4 reactors at crippled nuclear plant; president hospitalized (Japan Today)

Tokyo Electric Power Co said Wednesday that it will scrap four crippled reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant as the country struggles to bring the nuclear crisis under control weeks after a powerful earthquake and tsunami. … Read entire article »

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Global Compact Rejects Independent Panel’s Criticism(IPS News)

By Isolda Agazzi:   GENEVA, Mar 26, 2011 (IPS) – An independent U.N. body has criticised the Global Compact, the largest initiative for corporate social responsibility, for not sufficiently monitoring the human rights and environmental commitments of participating companies. … Read entire article »

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A quarter of U.S. nuclear plants not reporting equipment defects, report finds(Washington Post)

By Steven Mufson and Jia Lynn Yang, Thursday, March 24, 8:54 PM More than a quarter of U.S. nuclear plant operators have failed to properly tell regulators about equipment defects that could imperil reactor safety, according to a report by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s inspector general.   … Read entire article »

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Voices worldwide say no more nuclear power (Greenpeace)

Feature story – March 25, 2011 : Reverberations from the Fukushima crisis are being felt around the world, as plans to build new nuclear power plants are being challenged. The safety of existing plants is being questioned. … Read entire article »

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