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Lost dog seen roaming the summit of Mt. Fuji (RocketNews)

fujiyamadoge78aacAs many of you will know, this year Japan’s Mt. Fuji was officially declared a World Heritage site. However, since the mountain was officially open to visitors this climbing season, rumors of a pet lost on the mountain have become widespread, with netizens posting to Facebook and Twitter claiming to have caught sight of a dog wandering the mountain alone. Many concerned users have been appealing for animal welfare groups to collect the poor creature.

What is unclear is how the dog ended up at the top of the mountain in the first place. Surely it’s out of the question to assume he climbed all the way to the top by himself?! The most likely scenario is that he was brought along by his owner and somehow got loose or was abandoned.


One Twitter user seemed generally concerned about the dog’s welfare.

“There’s a dog roaming around on Mt. Fuji. It doesn’t have any water or food and due to the altitude, the air is really thin. Please won’t someone claim the poor fella?!”

Gotenba Health Care Center in Shizuoka received a request from a private organization for the dog to be collected. As part of the Rabies Prevention Act, the same center then installed a baited cage at the top of the mountain to capture the dog. According to the health center, the canine is a medium-sized mongrel with light brown fur. It was also reported to be extremely emaciated, with the outline of its rib cage clearly visible, and has been surviving on scraps left by climbers.

Apparently, it is perfectly legal to take a pet with you up Mt. Fuji, and climbers who bring their dogs along with them are a common sight. There are reports that some kind-hearted climbers have tried to take the dog home with them. However due to its extreme weariness of people, getting hold of the dog is close to impossible. In order for the health care center’s animal recovery operations to go smoothly, the public has been advised not to go near the cage, nor to give the dog any food scraps. We here at RocketNews24 just hope that the recovery operation is a success and the dog finds a new home soon.

Source: At S, Naver Matome

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