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Public Eye Award delivered to Goldman Sachs (Public Eye)

We are proud to announce that at last on 4 /21 /2014 the Public Eye Award was delivered to the so awarded investment bank Goldman Sachs.

This renowned dishonor, that was voted by the Public Eye Award Jury to single out the most irresponsible institution in economics and finance, was previously announced in Davos in the neighborhood of the World Economic Forum 2013. The most amazing was that a member of the Goldman Sachs executive board accepted the award and thanked for it expressly.


This award was primarily earned by Goldman Sachs through its work in Greece: a commitment that we and the rest of the world believes should stand as an archetypical example of the work of Goldman Sachs around the world. Goldman’s derivative deals, which fudged Greece’s way into the Eurozone, pawned the future of the Greek people. Moreover, the managers of Goldman Sachs are masters of the revolving door: they secure the bank tomorrow’s business via changes in political and public offices.
Because of this Goldman Sachs now received 2013 the famous Public Eye Award, the award of shame for the most irresponsible company of the year in finance and economics. And the representatives of Goldman Sachs, who accepted the award said, thank you for this!



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