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BankTrack releases 2013 Annual Report (BankTrack)

banktrack-2banktrackキャプチャPress Release: Nijmegen, Tuesday 27 May 2014:  We are very pleased to announce the release today of the BankTrack Annual Report for 2013.

The report gives a concise summary of the activities and achievements of the BankTrack network in 2013. It includes an update on five of our main campaigns:


   Banks and Palm Oil, Banks and Human Rights, Coal Banks, Chinese Banks and Tracking the Equator Principles; gives details on the most important Dodgy Deals tracked by the network in 2013, including the Agua Zarca dam in Honduras, the POSCO steel project in India, and the Coal and Gas Projects near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef; and it gives an overview of the bank-focused work of our member and partner organisations around the world.

Some highlights include:

  • Since the start of 2013 we have welcomed five new organisations  to the BankTrack network: Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES) and World Development Movement as members, and Facing Finance, London Mining Network and the European Environmental Paper Network as partners.
  • Together with urgewald, CEE Bankwatch Network and the Polish Green Network, we launched the Banking on Coal report at the UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw, part of a growing campaign urging banks around the world to quit the dirty coal industry.
  • We lobbied the banking sector to develop stronger policies on climate change and human rights, through engagement with Equator Principles  and Thun Group banks.
  • Our campaigning helped score victories for the environment and society as the Pascua Lama gold mine on the border of Chile and Argentina and the HidroAysen dam in Chile were both suspended, Coal India’s share offer collapsed, and a number of  US and European Banks stepped back from finance for          Mountaintop Removal coal mining.

You can download the report here.

Help BankTrack do more – make an investment in our future

We’re proud of our achievements over 2013, but also acutely aware of the many plans and ideas that did not get implemented due to lack of resources. The funding environment for international advocacy and campaign work is  also not improving.

The global banking industry is huge, and our aim is no less than to achieve  a fundamental transformation of the sector. Yet we work with an annual budget which is far less than the typical annual pay of even one investment banking executive! (1)

Despite the small budget, we make a difference, but you can help us do much more, by making a regular donation to BankTrack to support  our work.


(1) Predicted 2013 pay for senior bankers at Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase was USD 337,000 on average (about EUR 247,000), according to Business Insider. BankTrack’s 2013 budget was EUR 241,600.Further information and  interviews
Johan Frijns, BankTrack coordinator –
Ryan Brightwell, BankTrack researcher and editor –


About  BankTrack

BankTrack is the global network of civil society organizations targeting the operations and investments of large, international operating commercial banks

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