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Govt To Certify Zero-Emission Firms(Nikkei)

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The government will introduce a system for certifying companies that offset all of their carbon-dioxide emissions via emissions trading.

The Environment Ministry is expected to name the first “zero emission company” by the end of the year. Firms granted such status will be allowed to display the ministry’s certification label on their products and business cards, which the government hopes will help them boost sales by making their environmental efforts more visible to customers and business partners.

To be dubbed the “carbon-neutral certification system,” the program will target companies that offset their surplus CO2 emissions through emissions trading.

Such companies as Nipponkoa Insurance Co. and Hankyu Corp. are already using carbon trading to help offset their emissions, but Japan currently has no standardized system for certifying zero-emission businesses.

The ministry will base the new system on international standards to enhance its credibility.

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