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Finance GreenWatch » 8.Eathquake & Nuclear accident » Fish Hauls Down 60% For Disaster-Hit Ports In ’11(Nikkei)

Fish Hauls Down 60% For Disaster-Hit Ports In ’11(Nikkei)

TOKYO (Nikkei)–Major fishing ports in the hardest-hit three prefectures from the March 11 disaster saw a 60% drop in overall hauls in 2011 from the previous year.

The Nikkei compiled the statistics based on data from local governments and the Japan Fisheries Information Service Center. The seven largest fishing ports in the disaster-damaged Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures reported a total of 164,965 tons in fish brought in, which is down 61% from the previous year.

In Iwate Prefecture, the ports of Miyako and Ofunato saw a 36% decline to 63,199 tons on the year, while Kesennuma, Onagawa, Ishinomaki, and Shiogama ports in Miyagi Prefecture recorded a drop of 69% to 97,681 tons. Similarly, Fukushima Prefecture’s Onahama port logged a 64% fall to 4,085 tons from a year earlier. By contrast, saury catches jumped 60% on the year in Hokkaido.

The data also shows that the supply of oyster and other farmed fisheries ceased from the areas devastated by the disaster. In some quarters, imports of such fishery products from South Korea and China more than doubled following the earthquake and tsunami

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