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Finance GreenWatch » 8.Eathquake & Nuclear accident » Censure award for TEPCO Award to be handed over in Tokyo to those responsible for Fukushima (Ethecon)

Censure award for TEPCO Award to be handed over in Tokyo to those responsible for Fukushima (Ethecon)

The 2011 International ethecon Black Planet Award goes to CEO Tsunehisa Katsumata, to former company president Masataka Shimizu, to current president Toshio Nishizawa as well as to the main shareholders of TEPCO energy supply company, Japan. The ethecon castigation award denounces these persons for being responsible for the Fukushima disaster of humanity which occurred due to sheer profit-seeking. It was awarded in Berlin last November during a public event with 200 guests. The diatribe speech was held by Prof. Altvater. Now an ethecon delegation is on their way to Tokyo in order to hand over this negative trophy against the background of public protest action.

The presentation is scheduled for the occasion of the TEPCO annual general meeting on 27th June. Even though they hold shares ethecon representatives have not received their entry tickets so far. It seems that participation of foreign small shareholders is TEPCO. Together with the umbrella association of critical shareholders who also have not received tickets, ethecon have demanded that the tickets in question are issued to them on the spot in a letter to the company. In case ethecon are refused entry to the general meeting, the castigation award will be handed over to TEPCO in the context of more public action in Tokyo.

“Instead of drawing any serious consequences from this worst case scenario disaster, the company keep playing down the catastrophe” according to ethecon chairman Axel Köhler-Schnura. “Pressure is being exerted on the government and the authorities in order to make believe that everything is normal which is contrary to reality. The only thing the company are after is securing their profits or rather minimizing their losses.” They ignore the fact, for instance, that the cooling pool on the roof of the destroyed No. 4 reactor containing 1.500 fuel rods could cause another disaster if it was damaged by another earthquake. Such a disaster would go far beyond anything which has happened until now. “In the worst case, radiation levels would rise to such an extent that an area within a 250 kilometer radius would be rendered unfit for human life. Tokyo would also be affected,” said Köhler-Schnura.

Another criticism by ethecon is the fact that executives who had to stop working for TEPCO as a result of the super-MCA are now given lucrative posts in different industries such as the oil industry. At the same time, the situation of residents from the area around the nuclear power station as well as the question of compensation need to be clarified. Courts have ruled against claims of compensation. Now the debris from the Tsunami which has low-intensity radiation levels is to be distributed throughout the country to be dumped on rubbish tips. Mr. Köhler-Schnura is appalled that “Instead of disposing of the nuclear waste in situ in a professional manner and instead of building a Tsunami protection wall in the affected region, TEPCO are even making a profit from the disaster which they themselves have caused by having the rubbish transported by one of their own subsidiary companies!”

Public action and a number of events together with the Japanese allies are planned in connection with the presentation of the castigation award. One of the activities of the ethecon representatives will be a travel to Fukushima City to honour an invitation by “Mothers of Fukushima” and to take part in a press conference. A visit to the protest camp outside the Ministry of the Economy is also on the agenda. Besides their criticism against TEPCO ethecon will oppose a restart of Japanese nuclear reactors as planned by Prime Minister Noda and the power station operator KEPCO in the Kansai region. Reactors in the Oi nuclear power station might be restarted within a few days.

A comprehensive justification statement for the choice of the Internationalen Black Planet Award 2011 recipients may be found in the dossier on TEPCO in the download section of the website A summary is in the Open Letter.

Foundation ethecon is above all known through the annual bestowal of its International ethecon Blue/ Black Planet Awards in Berlin. With its positive prizes ethecon honoured in past years Diane Wilson/USA (2006), Vandana Shiva/India (2007), José Abreu und Hugo Chávez/Venezuela (2008), Uri Avnery/Israel (2009), Elias Bierdel/Austria (2010) as well as Angela Davis/USA (2011). The censure awards went to the owners, shareholders and executive management of the following companies: Monsanto/USA (2006), Nestlé/Switzerland(2007), Blackwater (Xe)/USA (2008), Formosa Plastics Group/Taiwan (2009), BP/Great Britain (2010) and TEPCO/Japan (2011).

In contrast to many corporate, family, church, political and state foundations, ethecon is one of the few foundations empowered by ordinary citizens. There are currently 30 endowment contributors. Following the credo “for a world without exploitation and oppression”, it see its mission in its responsibility toward coming generations. The young foundation is financed through endowment contributions, donations and sustaining memberships.


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