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ethecon in Japan(ethecon)

On Sunday, June 24, a delegation of the ethecon Foundation arrived in Tokyo and travelled to Fukushima. Here are some photos and Japanese newspapers:


Asahi Shimbun

Shinbashi Action

Black Planet Award for TEPCO

For the bestowal of the International ethecon Black Planet Award 2011 on the people in charge of TEPCO, the Japanese energy company responsible for the MCA at the nuclear plant in Fukushima, a delegation of ethecon members travels to Japan this weekend. They will visit the city of Fukushima, hand over the negative award during the TEPCO AGM, and participate in a demonstration against TEPCO and KEPCO, the energy company of the Kansai region that is about to restart the first nuclear reactors after the complete shut-down of all nuclear plants in early May. This leaflet in Japanese shows the programme of the ethecon delegation and our Japanese partners.

Open letter to TEPCO in Japanese

You can read the open letter to TEPCO in Japanese here.

Fukushima Anniversary

ethecon calls for punishment of TEPCO executives

One year after the onset of the nuclear desaster in Fukushima we have yet to see any substantial consequences dealt to the people responsible for this maximum credible accident. A few managers were replaced by the operating company TEPCO. Now the Japanese government has decided to make further payments to the company dependent on the replacement of all 17 directors. However, there is no talk of criminal charges.

ethecon – Foundation Ethics & Economics demands that the major share holders be held liable for damages and the decision makers of the energy company be subject to criminal charges. Without the faulty decisions of these executives, the nuclear catastrophe may never have happened. These decisions led to the now known structural defects and cost cuts in safety and maintenance. „For them, profit was more important than the protection of the population and the environment“ – this was the comment given by ethecon chairman Axel Köhler-Schnura. „The company´s managers must be held accountable for the humanitarian catastrophe they caused.“

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You can read this press release in Japanese here.

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