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Shiga gov. announces split of antinuclear Tomorrow Party (Mainichi)

Ms.Kada, founder of the antinuclear party "Mirai party(future)"

OTSU (Kyodo) — Shiga Gov. Yukiko Kada on Friday announced a split of the antinuclear Tomorrow Party of Japan into two groups only a month after its inception, due to internal conflicts following its failure to win many seats in this month’s general election.

Kada, who formed the antinuclear party a couple of weeks ahead of the Dec. 16 election, said at a press conference that she will leave the party with House of Representatives member Tomoko Abe to form a separate party.

Party members supporting powerbroker Ichiro Ozawa will take the party, which is renamed “Seikatsu no To” (Party of People’s Lives) and headed by House of Councillors member Yuko Mori, deputy chief of the disbanded party.

Following the party’s lackluster performance in the lower house election, bickering intensified between Kada and those close to Ozawa over whether the former leader of the Democratic Party of Japan should co-lead the party together with her.

Veteran lower house member Shizuka Kamei, who left the Tomorrow Party on Thursday, plans to join the Green Wind party, a group of House of Councillors members, sources familiar with the matter said Friday.

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