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Publication & Documents

◆Tshwane Principles(The Global Principles on National Security and the Right to Information):(12 June 2013)

◆International Integrated Reporting Council(IIRC)  The International <IR> Framework (9 December 2013)

◆BankTrack.  Banking on Coal (13 November 2013)

◆World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2013 (13 August 2013)

◆BankTrack Annual report 2012 (13 June 2013)

◆Equator PrincipleⅢ(June 2013)

◆Paper: An Appeal for Duplex Power Transmission and Distribution Networks for Steady Supply of Electric Power by Yoshihiro Fujii (July 2011)


◆Report :Bankroliing Climate Disruption: Rainforest Action Network  (Ocotber 2012)

◆OECD Working papers on finance,insurance and private pensions,No10(September2011)

◇OECD Working Papers on ” Options to Improve the Governance and Investment of Japn’s Government Pension Investment Fund


◇Declaration of “New Public Commons”. by Cabinet Office,Government of Japan:

◇’Close the Gap’ by BankTrack (Benchmarking credit policies of international banks)

◇RENGO”Guidelines on Responsible Investment of Workers’ Capital”