Awesome Idea For Gold And Silver Fundraising

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When it comes to fundraising, it can be hard for charities to balance their desire to be creative, with the need to raise sufficient funds.

Bake sale? Although it is an outlet for creativity, the costs can be high and thus cut into profits. To make any decent profit, you would have to sell a boatload of chocolate cupcakes.

Door-to-door canvassing? Although it only requires your time as an investment, it can have an annoying feel to it. Many people are in the middle of something at home and may not have the time to hear what you have to say or consider a donation ” even if they support your cause.

Charities want a fundraiser that is exciting, dynamic, and can easily be duplicated with low overhead costs. The solution may ultimately be a Gold and Silver Party. These are events hosted in either an individual’s home or community center where a local, trusted gold buyer appraises and makes offers on guests’ scrap precious metal. These are usually unwanted broken, or scrap jewelry, coins, or even tarnished antique items of low value such as candle holders or flatware.

With the explosion of gold and silver prices over the past five years the number of companies in the ‘cash-for-gold market has exploded right along with it. Everywhere from your local cash-checking establishment, to kiosks in the mall, to annoying late-night, low-budget infomercials can be found buying up precious metals of varying states of disarray for an even wider range of prices. Some of these businessmen give off an air of distrust and their cash-flashing tactics are a huge turn-off for a growing portion of consumers.

However, despite the crowded market and a growing number of households and charities having to tighten their financial belt, the offer can still be tempting for most, under the right circumstances. For charities that have a positive image within the community, that may be just what families are looking for ” a trusted medium for them to exchange their scrap jewelry, and tarnished flatware for a price that they can agree on, with a local business.

Another main lure of these events is the monetization structure. Although it varies from company to company, the hostess generally gets a 10% commission on all sales made, although many businesses have been known to offer higher rates to charity ” some in the range of 15-20%. Gold and Silver Party’s usually last 2-3 hours, and are relatively easy to organize when compared to other fundraising options such as banquets or bake sales.

As a host or hostess, it is very easy to organize. Simply have those interested members of your charity agree upon a time slot and location that is convenient for the fundraiser Be sure to schedule the party with enough time to market the fundraiser subject to the size of your charity. Depending on the number of guests, your living room may be sufficient ” if not, consider renting a hall at a local community center. Snacks and food, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks may be served at your discretion ” it is a party after all!

All in all, this type of fundraiser easily provides a mutually beneficial relationship for the charity, local business, and all involved since they can sell their gold in a trusted environment without having to mail it off. As a host, it is an easily organized, stress-free, and FUN way to make some money for your charity!