Top Gold And Silver Buyers

It seems like every day, there is another little shop in a nearby neighborhood advertising that they buy gold. But how do you know if a local gold buyer is the right choice for your needs?

With all the options you can find, how can you decide where to go? People will often search buy gold or silver near me and find no local vendors.You could just go to each one, take in your valuables, and have them weigh everything and get a quote. That quote will rarely be close to the current silver or gold price, but it is what they are willing to pay. Some places are willing to pay more than others, but how can you find out which ones pay the best without going door to door? Phone calls can work sometimes, but you may not know the exact weights of every item. You may not be able to recall the exact karat of the gold or the purity of your silver. And while phone calls can get you an estimate of what they are paying, some places will not tell you the current silver price or gold price. And a local gold buyer will use this opportunity to invite you to come in to have your gold and silver weighed and checked, which puts you back at going to every place for a quote.

You could simply go online and find one of those convenient places that allow you to mail in your valuables for a price quote. But how would you know who to trust? And those TV commercials that offer the same service, yet never make mention of what they are currently paying. They make promises of being trustworthy, but are they? If you decide to go this route, research the company first. The best way to find out where to sell gold, or where to sell silver, is to go online and read reviews. Find reputable sites and listings, these will have both positive and negative reviews, and they will not be owned by the local gold buyers.

There are many places you can go online to find this information, and your preferred search engine will find them for you quickly and easily. No matter which way you decide to find your preferred local gold buyer, make sure to check the current gold price and silver prices before getting your quote. The prices for these metals are fluid thing that changes constantly with the markets, but you should be able to get a good idea of what your gold is worth. The prices quoted will be for the weight of the metal alone. And does not include any stones or any artistic jeweler work. So do not be surprised if the quote is less than what you originally paid.


Gold And Silver Fundraising

Are you in charge of fundraising for your school, animal protection, helping children, helping the elderly, or other worthy causes? If so, you may be scratching your head to come up with effective ways to generate the necessary funds to support your favorite charity. One of the best ways is to Sponsor Gold and Silver Parties for Fundraising thus combining fun with profit.

Everyone loves a good party! Why, there we can get together with our favorite people and enjoy wholesome light conversation, laughter, good food, and encouragement. In fact, with increasing economic difficulties in the world around us, many people are turning to such recreation to lighten things up a bit and have some fun. But imagine the astounding results when you combine such partying with making money! Yes, this would be the best of both worlds. But how?

Organizing gold and silver parties for fundraising:

Remember the days when you would invite friends and family to a sale party to buy jewelry or cookware or candles being offered by a representative? Remember how tense it could be when people felt pressured to buy? And you as the organizer had to fork out money to provide refreshments for your guests? And think how the representative used to make all the money while you did all the hard work and maybe you were given a small gift when it was all said and done.

Well, now the tables are turned!

With this new party idea, you invite friends and family to be guests at your party. But instead of spending money, they earn money for their old, broken, or otherwise unwanted jewelry items of gold, silver, and other precious metals. Instead of spending money, your guests get paid for the items. You too get paid a generous commission on the total of all transactions that evening!

To get started in organizing your gold and silver party for fundraising, simply contact your local professional gold and silver buyer and mention your desire to host a party, and invite them to make the arrangements. You will find them ready and willing to assist you in your fundraising efforts. But there’s something else you can do to make your fundraising drive a success.

To get the best results, you naturally want to invite as many people as you can accommodate. So begin by making a list of possible guests. Relatives, neighbors, friends from work, and other associates. Also, consider asking your relatives and friends to invite some of their relatives and friends.

Your party can be a great success and you’ll find that one of the best ways to raise needed cash is to Sponsor Gold and Silver Parties for Fundraising.

Gold And Silver Buying Tips

Here is some great information that will surely help you when you are looking for the best silver price per ounce and the best ways to buy silver.

Unfortunately, most people don’t stop and do their research before buying gold and silver bullion. Congratulations to you for being smart enough to learn some important information before pulling the buying trigger. This information will most likely save you money when buying metals.

When you are trying to figure out how to buy gold and silver realize this. Similar to stock brokers, gold and silver brokers and dealers only make a profit when you buy or sell. When you are holding… they are not making anything off of you.

Thus, some brokers will call you and attempt to use pressure and persuasion to get you to sell or buy during various market swings. They call this churning.

Yes, if you are both lucky and good, you can do pretty well with the market timing trading method. However, I can assure you that a lot of people who play this game get their heads handed to them when attempting to trade the metals market. This is serious stuff here.

Even the most experienced expert traders who have done this professionally for decades often get it wrong. The odds of a non-professional getting it right, consistently, are pretty slim.

Most gold & silver buyers, people who buy the physical metals, plan to hold on to them for at least a midterm period of several years or more. If that fits your thinking, here is a tip that will help you have a good quality of life. If you are interested in trading the metals markets and trying to anticipate price moves and directions, it would be much better to invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), like SLV, GLD, etc. You can buy them as easily as buying a stock and easily trade in and out of them.

When you are dealing with physical precious metals, if you plan to buy metals, be prepared for some issues. Most sellers end up shipping the metals to the buyer to get better buyback prices. The seller has to box them up, insure and ship them, and wait for them to arrive at the buyer’s location before a price can be locked in. Most investors who buy physical metals hold them for good periods.

Think about this. 10 years ago gold was around $300 an ounce and silver was around $4.50 an ounce.

As I am writing this, gold is around $1,725 an ounce and silver is around $32.50 an ounce. Over the 10 years… both metals have had some pretty big moves UP and DOWN in price.

But look how much gold and silver have risen over this time. I mean, compare that to your stock portfolio performance over that same period. So the key is to think long term and don’t sweat every up and down motion.

Just keep your eye focused on the long term and use the drops as buying opportunities. Play it smart, relax and enjoy your life.

Best Price When Buying Gold And Silver

If you are like most people, you want to get the best gold and silver prices on your bullion. Beware. There are tons of “teaser prices” out there. You need to know the brokers’ insider methods to separate you from your dollars before you start to buy.

Recently I saw a lot of TV ads for a large broker touting the benefit that they guarantee to have your gold delivered in ten days. I don’t get it. They have all of these testimonial-type people talking about how they love the fact that they can get their gold delivered in ten days. So what? 99% of the people buying are going to hold the physical gold they buy for years to come.

As soon as they get it, they are just going to put it in a safe or safety deposit box and forget about it. I compared their prices and found they were charging a hefty premium for their gold… but hey, you can get it in ten days. For me, I would much rather pay less for my gold and perhaps wait a bit longer to get it, than overpay for it… just for the privilege of getting it a bit sooner.

When I order a book on Amazon, I can either choose to have it delivered to me with regular shipping for a couple of bucks, or I can choose to pay 5 times that amount and get the book delivered in a day or two. Who cares. Unless I absolutely must have it right away, it’s better to wait a little longer and save the money. I will have the book for a long time. I think it’s better to just save the money and wait a few more days to get the book. Heck, sometimes it takes me forever to get around to reading it anyway.

I saw another broker advertisement the other day saying, “Buy from us and we will give you this free, crummy, cheap little safe”. Really? It was about the size of a softball. How dumb is that? Are people who are smart enough to buy gold in the first place, going to fall from something silly like that? It was like a kid’s safe. It was the kind of thing a kid would put their rock collection in. Are people going to pay more than they should for their gold, just so they can get that crummy little safe? Really?

Another broker who always advertised that they have “at-cost gold prices” was recently offering “free silver” with the purchase of their at-cost gold. Really? So they can sell the gold at their cost… and also afford to give away free silver? Man. How dumb must the general public be? Everything costs money. Do they expect us to believe that they can afford to run their company, and pay huge sums to run those TV ads 24/7 telling us that they sell their gold at cost… AND give you Free silver when you buy the gold that they sell at cost? Really? Pinch me, I must be dreaming. Maybe there is a Santa Claus.

YOU are the one who is paying for these silly promotions. Most likely you are already buying gold and silver for a reason. If you are going to buy, why not get the best price possible and get as much gold and silver as you can for the money, and forget about the stupid rip-off gimmicks? Those are for unwise investors. Serious buyers purchase on price and don’t give silly things like this a second thought.

Awesome Idea For Gold And Silver Fundraising

When it comes to fundraising, it can be hard for charities to balance their desire to be creative, with the need to raise sufficient funds.

Bake sale? Although it is an outlet for creativity, the costs can be high and thus cut into profits. To make any decent profit, you would have to sell a boatload of chocolate cupcakes.

Door-to-door canvassing? Although it only requires your time as an investment, it can have an annoying feel to it. Many people are in the middle of something at home and may not have the time to hear what you have to say or consider a donation ” even if they support your cause.

Charities want a fundraiser that is exciting, dynamic, and can easily be duplicated with low overhead costs. The solution may ultimately be a Gold and Silver Party. These are events hosted in either an individual’s home or community center where a local, trusted gold buyer appraises and makes offers on guests’ scrap precious metal. These are usually unwanted broken, or scrap jewelry, coins, or even tarnished antique items of low value such as candle holders or flatware.

With the explosion of gold and silver prices over the past five years the number of companies in the ‘cash-for-gold market has exploded right along with it. Everywhere from your local cash-checking establishment, to kiosks in the mall, to annoying late-night, low-budget infomercials can be found buying up precious metals of varying states of disarray for an even wider range of prices. Some of these businessmen give off an air of distrust and their cash-flashing tactics are a huge turn-off for a growing portion of consumers.

However, despite the crowded market and a growing number of households and charities having to tighten their financial belt, the offer can still be tempting for most, under the right circumstances. For charities that have a positive image within the community, that may be just what families are looking for ” a trusted medium for them to exchange their scrap jewelry, and tarnished flatware for a price that they can agree on, with a local business.

Another main lure of these events is the monetization structure. Although it varies from company to company, the hostess generally gets a 10% commission on all sales made, although many businesses have been known to offer higher rates to charity ” some in the range of 15-20%. Gold and Silver Party’s usually last 2-3 hours, and are relatively easy to organize when compared to other fundraising options such as banquets or bake sales.

As a host or hostess, it is very easy to organize. Simply have those interested members of your charity agree upon a time slot and location that is convenient for the fundraiser Be sure to schedule the party with enough time to market the fundraiser subject to the size of your charity. Depending on the number of guests, your living room may be sufficient ” if not, consider renting a hall at a local community center. Snacks and food, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks may be served at your discretion ” it is a party after all!

All in all, this type of fundraiser easily provides a mutually beneficial relationship for the charity, local business, and all involved since they can sell their gold in a trusted environment without having to mail it off. As a host, it is an easily organized, stress-free, and FUN way to make some money for your charity!